A History into the early years of the US commercial airline industry in Texas

by A J High with the assistance of Kathryn Morrow, Historian.
The autobiography of Captain A. J. High chronicling his career in aviation from college days, through WWII, and the birth of modern commercial aviation, highlighting the role of Texas aviation.

Welcome to A J High's memoirs "Meant To Fly" is a pure delight to read. It is a window into the early history of the U.S. commercial airline industry in Texas from the 1940's through the onset of economic deregulation in the late 1970's as seen from the Captain's seat! High's book chronicles a little-known part of Texas' aeronautical heritage- the growth of local services carriers. This first-hand account of Trans-Texas Airways and Texas International Airlines is a must read for anyone who has a passion for aviation history. By Erik D. Carlson PHD, who was at the time serving as the Coordinator of the History of Aviation Collection at the University of Texas, Dallas writes about Mr. High.

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